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Artwork Guidance

These notes provide all the information required to submit artwork for our printed signs.  If preparing artwork for routed or sandblasted panels please contact us.

Our prices for 'artwork supplied electronically' assume that we process each file once.  If artwork does not comply, or, if changes are subsequently made to the content, we incur additional processing costs and reserve the right to charge accordingly. 

PDF Format.  All artwork to please be supplied as PDF's using the Press Quality or High Quality Print option within the relevant software.  PDF's should be supplied as final size prints with no crop or registration marks.

Preferred Media.  Electronically is the preferred method using the link below.  Otherwise we prefer to use CD or DVD.  Smaller files can be emailed.

To upload files electronically we use You Send It  via this link   http://dropbox.yousendit.com/RobertShelley643471

Job Specifications:

Framing Allowance - If the finished signs are to be fitted into our steel or timber frames, please remember that all four sides will be part hidden by the frame.  Please allow a 20mm framing allowance on steel frames and a 12mm allowance on timber frames - that allowance on all 4 sides..

Photographs & Illustrations - Whether in colour or black and white, these can be saved as either CMYK or RGB.  If the placed images are at same size then they can be saved at 300dpi.

Fonts - Please include fonts with job folder or save with text as outlines or paths.  When sending composite eps or pdf files, please include fonts.

Hard Copy - Please send a hard copy of your job to enable us to check for textual re-flow.

Rasterised Files - Unless instructed to the contrary we will convert black text on rasterised files to a single colour black.

If you have any further questions please contact the Graphics Department, graphics@shelleysigns.co.uk